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How Udemy can help you earn more as a writer

How Udemy can help you earn more as a writer_HypothyroidWriter.com_Sarah Lentz

Udemy SchoolSince picking up that one course I mentioned in a previous post -- Writing with Flair 2.0 with Shani Raja -- I've bought twelve more writing courses. And here they all are, in order of purchase:Writing with Flair 2.0 -- Shani RajaCopywriting White Papers: An All-levels Strategy -- Len SmithSEO Beginners: How I get 1,000 visitors a day with SEO -- Len SmithCopywriting: Become a freelance copywriter, your own boss -- Len Smith Copywriting Secrets: How to write copy that sells -- Len SmithHow...

How can branding help you sell more books?

How can branding help you sell more books by Sarah Lentz

Why does branding matter?I've been doing some research on book marketing tactics -- so I can include the best books I find in a list for my next book, Writers in the Red. My book won't be long enough to contain everything you'd ever want to know about self-publishing, so the least I can do is provide a list of books that have actually helped me sell more of my own books. If I want that list, I'm pretty sure the readers...

A new Udemy course and plans for 2018 new Udemy course 2018 goals post_Sarah Lentz

A new Udemy course for a new yearI took advantage of a New Year's sale for Udemy and a $5 credit they sent me by email to nab a brand new course I bookmarked and almost bought during the Black Friday sale. The full price (i.e. when Udemy isn't having one of its fantastic sales) is $200. I paid $5.99. What is this course, you ask? Writing with Flair 2.0: How to Become an Exceptional Writer with Shani Raja (Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor). So...