I'm a freelance writer who loves to blog and who has written and published five books.

I also love to help others create and publish books of their own, and I particularly love to help them D.I.Y. as much of the process as they're inclined to do themselves.


Because it's fun! And because it saves them a TON of money - just as it saved me a ton of money when I did my own formatting, editing, and book cover design for books 2 through 5.

I learned through that process -- with the help of free or low-cost tutorials (which I'll gladly share in gratitude to those who created and shared them) --that I enjoy not only writing my own books but getting them ready for publication, without paying someone else to edit, format, or design a great cover for it. 

Could someone else maybe design a better cover than the covers I've created for my books? Possibly. But I beat them to the bidding table. And my price totally won me over. 

And I had so much fun learning book cover design, I decided to keep the job. Ditto for formatting (interior design for books). Maybe a tiny bit less so for editing and proofreading, but I've edited academic papers, novels, and various other written work, and I do it well. So, I'd be happy to help, if you want another pair of eyes on your work. 

Grammarly (the free version) helps me out with proofreading, too. 

But when it comes to developmental editing -- which usually involves changing sentences (and likely bigger chunks of text) and looks at the overall structure of your work, you need a person who's done it before (and done it well) and who actually enjoys it. 

I've done this mainly with academic papers (written according to APA format) and articles with a medical focus. I enjoy developmental editing more than proofreading, but if you want the full package, I can do it all.

If you just want some tips for self-editing your book, I'll be happy to help with that, too. 

So, yeah -- huge fan of the D.I.Y. approach to self-publishing and to helping other authors rock that approach and get their books written, polished, published, and sold. 

Bottom line?

I'd love to help you get your book ready for launch by editing, transcribing (if necessary), and formatting your work -- and even helping you with your book cover design.

But if you want to do much of that work -- or even all of it -- yourself, I'm cool with that, too, and I'll help any way I can. 

I'll even help with marketing by sharing what I've learned, what has helped (and what hasn't) -- though when it comes to marketing, I may refer you to others whose skills and knowledge in that area far exceed mine. 

What you can expect from this blog

On this blog, you'll often find the following:

  • Review posts (with recommendations or warnings -- or both)
  • How-to posts

These are to help fellow writers like yourself to find and choose the best tools to help you create and publish books, build your blog, and earn a good income from home.

I may also provide updates regarding thyroid care and thyroid-support supplements -- those that have helped and those that have not. ​

Now that you know what you can expect from me and from this blog, I hope to see you here more often. And if you'd like me to write, edit, transcribe, format, or design something for you -- or if you ever have a question -- don't hesitate to contact me and let me know how I can help.