The Hypothyroid Writer

Seven daily habits that will heal your brain,

feed your creative genius, 

and help you write like never before.


Writing for a living can be enough of a challenge, but if you’re living with thyroid dysfunction, you know it affects everything — and it makes it all the harder to succeed as a writer.

Are you struggling with low energy, brain fog, increased sensitivity, depression, or anxiety? Have you ever thought of writing a book, only to catch yourself thinking you’re not likely to succeed with that when you can barely manage doing enough to survive?

Hypothyroidism can make it difficult to get a lot done each day, but if you’d like to learn not only how to thrive in all areas of your life, but also how to get the right things done each day and become the powerful and prolific writer you were born to be, you need this book.

If you’re hypothyroid and worried about declining brain function, and you’re looking for a book that will help you heal your brain and keep it healthy for as long as possible, read this book!

The Hypothyroid Writer begins with an overview of the challenges posed by hypothyroidism for millions — many of whom have discovered a passion for writing, because it helps them to cope with their symptoms.

The second part of the book covers seven different habits and how they will heal your brain, give your creative genius the attention it deserves, and help you make the most of your passion for writing.

This is more than a book, though; it’s an invitation to connect with the author and with others on her blog who insist on thriving even when their thyroid treatment doesn’t help as much as they’d like. There’s plenty we can do on our own to become healthier and to grow as writers. Join the team and share your own story — where you are, what you’ve learned, and what you’d still like to do.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story, too! 🙂 

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