How can branding help you sell more books?

How can branding help you sell more books by Sarah Lentz

Why does branding matter?I've been doing some research on book marketing tactics -- so I can include the best books I find in a list for my next book, Writers in the Red. My book won't be long enough to contain everything you'd ever want to know about self-publishing, so the least I can do is provide a list of books that have actually helped me sell more of my own books. If I want that list, I'm pretty sure the readers...

The first year with Amazon’s AMS ads — one author’s review

HypothyroidWriter.com AMS ads blog post Sarah Lentz

My first year with AMS adsI started using AMS ads shortly after signing up for Derek Doepker's KD Sales Machine -- a little more than a month after the day I launched my first self-published book, The Hypothyroid Writer, on October 20th, 2016.The ads made an immediate, noticeable difference in my book's sales, and I created ads for each new book as I finished and launched it. The more ads I had, the more I was spending on them each month,...

From idea to brain dump to outline to writing your first book

HypothyroidWriter.com book outline blog post Sarah Lentz

In the beginning...Every book starts with an idea. Then we take that idea and build on it -- breaking it down into sub-ideas -- often by creating an outline. Often that outline starts out as a list or a mind-map -- a visual brain-dump. From there, we flesh it out. We take the big ideas that sprang from that first idea and expand on them, seeing where each one takes us and making connections as we go. We turn those big ideas into...