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Five places to buy stylish, smart, & budget-friendly work-at-home shoes

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How do your feet set the stage?The right shoes can be a critical element of your writing environment (both inner and outer). If they affect our self-perception when we're wearing them to an office (or other workplace away from home), why would they not affect us when we're working at home?Some of my shoes say, "I'm all about the comfort, right now," while others say, "I'm a professional (with excellent taste), and I'm the best at what I do."It might...

Gifts ideas to support & encourage your favorite freelancer

HypothyroidWriter.com gift ideas for freelancers blog post Sarah Lentz

What to get your freelancer friend?Here's the quick list: a freelance writing course (some options below) a VISA gift card to spend on the freelance writing or blogging course of their choice -- or on something needed for the home officea gift card to a coffee or tea shop your friend likesa gas card for those errand runsan Amazon gift card for books, office supplies, a new planner, etc.a gift subscription to Birch Box, Stitch Fix, Trendy Memo box, etc.a self-care...

Create an Inspiring and Budget-Friendly Home Office

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Budget-Friendly Home Office BasicsWhat comes to mind for you when when you think, "home office"?First of all, it doesn't have to be a separate room. For many of us, the home office is a space in one of the main rooms of the house -- maybe the living room, maybe a little space off the dining area, maybe even a space in a large walk-in closet. Whatever works, right? Mine's in our living room. So, ... noise-canceling headphones are awfully nice to...