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May 29, 2017

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Where can an author get a good book cover design — without going broke or (deeper) into debt? The good news is we do have options, though it can be harder to find a good low-cost freelance book cover designer. So, it really helps when other authors share the names of those who’ve designed covers they love.

I’ve been making my own covers for books #2, #3, and #4 (for better or for worse), but not all writers want to do that. It takes time, after all, and I’m still learning as I go. Sometimes I’ll look back at a cover I’ve made (which I thought looked amazing when I first uploaded it to KDP) and think, “Oh, wow! That needs fixing. Back to Canva!”

But not all authors want — or can afford — to spend the time to learn all they need to know about how to create a cover that their target readers will want to click on.

And that’s fine! In fact, it’s great for all the professional book designers out there who would love a chance to create a cover your readers will swoon over.

And while it’s easy to discount designers on Fiverr (especially if you’ve ordered covers from one or two different Fiverr designers, only to be disappointed by the results) or other designers who charge way less than professionals or professional design websites like 99Designs — because you keep hearing the words “You get what you pay for” (which isn’t always true) — I’ve been asking for the names of designers who’ve created beautiful covers at budget-friendly rates.

So, of course, as soon as I had a few names I could share, I had to write this post to get the word out — to throw more business in the direction of these designers and to help my fellow authors get beautiful covers for their books without going broke or going (deeper) into debt.

Here’s the list:

  1. Mary Thibodeau gave me the name of her Fiverr designer, alerrandre, who designed the cover you see below:

2. Melanie Dilday recommended pro_ebookcovers, who designed her book cover.

Pro_ebookcovers also designed the following cover for Wendy Owen (pen name: Shonah Stevens):


3. Sheri Farley recommended Cwiney, who designed the following book covers:

4. Sheri also told me about pixelstudio, who designed the cover you see below.

PixelStudio also designed the following cover for Edgar Iraheta:

5. I’m also going to mention the Fiverr designer who created 12 3D images of my novel, The Lazarus Door, so I could use them in promotional tweets and Facebook posts, especially now that my book is on Kindle Scout (the campaign started May 27th and ends June 26th).

I created the book cover, and it’s not perfect, but it’s what I have now, and I like it better than the results from the two Fiverr gigs I paid for ($5 each) — neither of which was designed by any of the previously-mentioned Fiverr designers.

Here’s what Alexa Fatljon created for my cover (or my favorites of the 12 images she created):

That last one would have looked better if I’d added a barcode to my book’s back cover image, which I could have done by using the “Free Online ISBN Barcode Generator” at Derek Murphy’s, but I don’t have my ISBN number, yet, since I don’t know whether it’ll be published by Kindle Press or by me.

Also, these images look far less grainy when I use them in social media posts than they look here. I’m not sure why.

Samantha Britt actually made some mock-ups for me when I noticed the ones she’d made for her novel and asked her who had created her promo images. She made some for my novel, and these are the ones she made with just my front cover (she can do more with the spine and back cover):

Samantha writes YA and NA fantasy, and you can get a free copy of her book Enlightened: Immortal Chronicles by clicking on the link on her pinned tweet (click on the link for her name to get to her Twitter page).

Also, I’ve recently discovered a website that makes it easy to create book and ebook mock-ups: I’d recommend it to any author who enjoys creating their own covers or other promotional graphics. I’ve often had to resize images using Canva For Work‘s “Change Dimensions” option, but that’s a quick and easy fix, and has dozens of options for creating shareable graphics in three different resolution options (the “small” option is free and is adequate for social sharing).

Here’s an example of a promo image I made for my (not yet finished) second novel:

So, here are a few tested Fiverr designers you can check out, and no doubt there are others. If you know of any, please share in the comments below. I can always revise this post to add a designer who has helped you love your book even more.

And if you’ve had a good experience with one of these designers or with another budget-friendly designer — even one that isn’t on Fiverr — please share in the comments, so we can help each other.

Take care, and have a great week!


By Sarah Lentz

Writing and designing book covers are two of Sarah Lentz's favorite things. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, their four kids, and two messy but adorable guinea pigs.


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    Lisa Smith

    Loved the cover design images! All of them were unique in your own way!!! Also, the tips you’ve provided are really different from the usual ones I come across in a blog. Designing attractive and catchy book cover is really important; it’s like taking a peek into the world of words present inside.
    To check out some of the nice designs I curated visit here.

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    Well, for me, I recommend pro_designx(fiverr), maybe you may like to check them out.
    They have done few book covers for my new series and they all look awesome. here is their link

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