How can I help?

I provide the following services:

  • Freelance Writing & Ghostwriting
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Formatting for ebook and/or print
  • Transcription + Formatting
  • Copy-editing & Proofreading

Freelance Writing Niches

  1. Ghostwriting -- well-researched nonfiction books and articles. 
  2. Research writing -- specifically books, articles, reports, and blog posts that require some research and that tie that research to the lives and concerns of your readers. 
  3. Copywriting -- white papers, business reports, website copy, book descriptions (with HTML formatting), case studies, and other marketing materials.
  4. Review posts -- blog posts that review a particular product or service, with a view to helping your blog readers make informed choices. 
  5. Blog posts about the following: 
  • Writing -- blogging, writing books, freelance writing, ghostwriting
  • Self-publishing
  • Working from home
  • Personal health / illness
  • Health technology 
  • Homeschooling, unschooling, and special needs
  • Independent study & research

Need a Virtual Assistant?

Self-publishing Virtual Assistant: $20/hour

If you need someone to help prepare your new book for publication, I can help with the following:

  • Coaching -- during the writing process and throughout the book's preparation for publishing and for launch day
  • Research (collecting information or data for your book or business)
  • Copy-editing and proofreading
  • Transcription from audio files
  • Formatting for ebook and/or print
  • Help with book cover design
  • Book description for Amazon sales page (with HTML formatting)
  • Keyword research (for KDP set-up and AMS ads)
  • Amazon book category research (top ten)
  • Social media marketing for your book (on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest)
  • Pinterest marketing: creating and sharing pinnable graphics to promote your book, blog, or business

Let me know what services you need and whether you'd like to hire me for a week, two weeks, three weeks, a month, or longer. 

Based on the services you need, I charge either by the hour, the project or the week (based on whether you'll need me to be available for 15 hours, 20 hours, or more per week).

Writing / Blogging Virtual Assistant: $30/hr or a flat fee per project

  • Ghostwriting (nonfiction books, articles, blog posts, and reports)
  • Co-writing (nonfiction books)
  • Copywriting to promote your book, course, blog, or business
  • Research / research assistance and documentation (gathering information or data for a book, article, blog post, report, etc.)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest)
  • Pinterest marketing: creating and sharing pinnable graphics to promote your book, blog (posts), or business
  • Guest blogging 

Another option is a fixed monthly fee, which includes a minimum of 60 hours for $1,500 and up to 100 hours ($2,500) and is paid in two installments: one at the outset, and one at the completion of the agreed-upon number of hours. 

If you'd rather hire me for specific tasks on the above list, rates will depend on the length of the book (word count) and its complexity, but I prefer to negotiate a rate that suits us both, based on what you need. 

If you're looking for a fixed hourly rate for copywriting, research/report writing, or ghostwriting, my rate is $30 an hour, with some wiggle room depending on the project details and time-frame. For many projects, a flat rate -- paid in full at the outset or in three installments -- makes more sense and will spare both parties the need to watch every minute. 

The flat rates are based in part on how much time it has taken me to complete similar projects, and you are always welcome to make a counteroffer in order to negotiate a rate that suits us both. 

Make your reservation by using one of the following options:

Book cover design or design help

Below are some samples of covers I've designed for my books as well as for print journals. Four of the books shown are currently available on Amazon. 

* Contact me if you'd like a free book cover design in exchange for an honest review and (if you love my work) a testimonial that I can publish on this page. This is a limited time offer until I collect enough testimonials or until I remove this offer for other reasons.

Copy-editing & Proofreading

I prefer the human touch for most of the editing. If you'd like, I can go over your document and let you know whether it needs more than proofreading. What I charge depends on what your work actually needs.

I've edited novels, nonfiction books, several academic essays, and a couple capstone papers for a Master's degree. I also edit my own books, using (free) Grammarly as a last-sweep assistant in catching small errors after my main editing sweeps. It's a tool, but not a substitute for a human pair of eyes (with a human brain behind them). 

My rate for editing + proofreading (three sweeps) is a penny per word. If all you need is proofreading, but you want something more thorough and personal than a run-through with Grammarly, I charge a half penny per word. Depending on the size of your project, we can work out a rate that will suit both of us. 

I know $500 is a lot of money (and even $100 is more than many of us can spare), so if you need to negotiate a lower rate per word, please let me know. 

If your work needs a deep, transformative editing job, I can recommend a professional editing service I trust. It'll cost more, but the best editors out there know far more developmental editing than I do, and they deserve professional rates. 


I'm looking for a few good testimonials to post here, so I'd be willing to create a few free book covers or transcribe a few short pieces (no more than 15 minutes each of audio) for free, in exchange for an honest review of my work. 

I don't expect or want you to lie and say nice things about my work if you're honestly not impressed by my formatted transcription or book cover design. If I can't design something you love or transcribe your recording and format it to your specifications, I'd rather not take your money. 

But until I have some positive testimonials to share for book cover design, I ask only for an honest review. And if you love my work, I'd very much appreciate a testimonial that I can publish on this page.

For transcription, $50 per audio hour is a fair minimum. But I would welcome the chance to try a smaller transcription project and earn your trust (and hopefully the testimonial of a satisfied customer) before tackling a larger one.