An Interview with Lisa Woodruff, author of The Mindset of Organization

September 6, 2016

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Interview with Lisa Woodruff, author of The Mindset of Organization

Today, I have the honor of posting an interview with the best-selling author of The Mindset of Organization: Take Back Your House One Phase At A Time. Lisa Woodruff was kind enough to answer my questions and even provided a picture of her holding a book that has become one of my favorite books on organization.

Those of you who know me and my knee-jerk “I’d rather throw it away than store it” approach to organization should know that Lisa’s approach works for anyone — even those of us who prefer the donation bin to ornamental storage options.

I’m not averse to ornamental storage options. I just hate dusting.

Anyway, this is one interview I think you’ll enjoy, especially if you’re wondering what you might do after publishing your first book — or you’re curious about what other new authors do after writing a best-selling book.

One thing I love about Lisa’s book is that she doesn’t try to bully or manipulate anyone into organizing their home her way. By recognizing the four different phases of a woman’s life and how those phases affect our organizational needs and tendencies, she has earned a place in my growing “make my home happier” library — along with Joshua Becker, S. J. Scott, and Barrie Davenport.


The Interview

  1. What gave you the idea for your book?

The Mindset of Organization is my first book that kind of lays out the language that I use with my professional organization clients to help them move from one phase of organizing to the next. And I knew I needed a base book for everyone to get on the same page and have the same thoughts and mindset about getting their home organized. It is the first of six books that I’m gonna publish in the next two years.

  1. What motivated you to join SPS?

Whenever I do have a goal, I always go to some kind of teacher or course to walk me step-by-step through what I need to do. I have published a whole bunch of ebooks and even courses before, but I knew there was a lot to getting to be an Amazon best-seller and to really publish a quality book. And I knew that I would be able to check off everything on the list by using the SPS course.  

  1. What has the experience of writing a book with SPS been like for you?

It’s been awesome! I actually wrote my book in three weeks using a lot of podcast transcriptions, different blog posts, putting it all together, and then writing all the transitions and new stories to link everything together.

So, writing has never been a problem for me. Getting the recommendations for editors and formatting and covers and a whole bunch of things I hadn’t thought of were great! So, I had six weeks to do all that before launch, and that timing was perfect.

  1. What was the best thing about the experience?

The best thing was I was able to complete the entire experience in 100 days, which was my goal — which was a really ambitious goal  — but I’m just so glad that I was actually able to do that.

  1. Is there anything you plan to do differently if you have another book you’d like to write and self-publish?

Which I do — I have five more — and I think I’ll use the same exact process. Right now, since the book launch is over, and I’m a number one Amazon bestseller — Yay!! — in two categories, I’m going back through all the notes that I printed out and took out and making a checklist of everything I did this time, so that I can just use that checklist going forward and make the process even easier.

  1. What do you plan to do next with your book to reach a larger audience (audiobook, hardcover book, ePub version, a speaking tour, a course based on the material in your book, etc.)?

So, I am publishing an audiobook, at the end of September. I’m gonna be featured on Entrepreneur on Fire, the podcast, on September 29th.  I have a bunch of other podcasters that I’m talking to, and yes, I am going to have a speaking tour and book launch. That’s what I plan on doing in 2017.  

The week before Christmas and New Year’s, I’ll be launching my second book, which will be called Organization 101: The Sunday Basket, which is Step 1. And then, over Spring Break, I’ll be launching my third book, which doesn’t have an official title, yet, but it’ll be about how ADHD affects home organization and how the eight executive functioning processes of the mind are used in organizing your house.    

  1. Has writing this book changed the way you blog, or has your blogging contributed to your decision to write this book?

Yes, definitely. I’ve published a whole bunch of ebooks — especially taken ten blog posts together and put them into an ebook and added, you know, some filler content.

Writing this book was completely different. It’s 50,000 words, it’s more of a memoir, and more of a philosophical type book, and what I didn’t realize would happen, which I did realize as I wrote this book, is I’m a different person, now, after having published this book. I have a much clearer idea of the message that I’m trying to reach my audience with.

And I’m going to launch a speaking business from this, and I could not have done that from my blog, because I just wasn’t as clear with my message.

  1. What do your kids think about what you’ve accomplished as a writer and as a successful entrepreneur? Have they said anything about your book or your blog that just warms your heart?

My kids are super-excited about the book, and the blog, and my whole business. My daughter was reading my book out loud to me the other day, which was funny, because of her little anecdotes.  She would read what I was saying, and she would say, “Oh, Mom, that is not okay!”

And our son wants to be an inventor and an entrepreneur, and I was talking to him about that the other day, when he was a few years younger, and I asked, “Well, what do you think about what I do?” and he said, “I think it’s great, because you know how to run a business, and I’m gonna need you to help me with that one day.”

  1. Now that you’ve graduated from the SPS program, are there any other programs or coaching services you’re considering to help you make the most of your book or of your business? Do you already have a coach who has helped you, and would you recommend this coach to others?

Yes, absolutely! I tend to join a program or a coach every two to three months, and continue to move my business forward.

So, specifically, this summer, I’ve been working with Chris Ducker, and I’m a member of the Youpreneur Launchpad community, and I will be meeting with him in September for a Mastermind Day.

And I’ve also joined Grant Baldwin’s Speaker Lab — which appears to be set up very similar to the SPS-style community — to launch my speaking business.

Sarah, thank you so much for this interview! This has been a lot of fun. 🙂


It has been!

Thank you, Lisa, for answering my questions and sharing your experience with me and my readers! I wish you all the best for this book and all your plans. Congratulations on — and thank you for — finishing and publishing your beautiful book!

Extra note:

Before I read Lisa’s book, the beautiful book cover caught my eye, and that made me ask her who her cover designer was, so I could have my book cover designed by the same people.

Happy Self-Publishing — with Jyotsna Ramachandran and her team — designed a cover for my book, too, and it’s almost finished!

I’ll post a picture of it here on the blog when it’s done.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you’ll take a peek at Lisa’s book, The Mindset of Organization, and that you enjoy it as much as I have.

If you’d like to read an interview of another author, let me know in the comments. I’d also love to know if you have book plans of your own and how you’re doing with them.

I look forward to reading your comments and responding to them! 🙂


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