The Kindle Scout verdict is in.

July 10, 2017

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The hard-working souls at Kindle Scout have just emailed me to let me know they won’t be offering me a publishing contract for The Lazarus Door. Considering my book was only “hot and trending” for the last 48 hours of its 30-day campaign, I’m not surprised.

But now I can get down the business of publishing it myself. I’ve already been working on the following:

  • Creating a list of keywords for my Amazon ad campaigns for this novel (as well as for the nonfiction book I’ll be publishing around the same time) in Google Sheets
  • Creating a list of Amazon categories to request for the novel (some are super-competitive, others not so much) in Google Docs
  • Creating a full book cover for the novel on Canva and uploading it to KDP — which is where I’m creating the paperback versions of this novel and the latest nonfiction book.
  • Creating paperback-ready interior files with page numbering, etc. in Word and uploading it to KDP
  • Finding people to read both books as beta-readers and sending out Bookfunnel links with EPUB, MOBI, and PDF files of both books
  • Requesting testimonials from those beta-readers and choosing one or two to put in the book description after the words “Praise for The Lazarus Door.”
  • Writing blog posts like this one to help build buzz for The Lazarus Door and for Writer Overwhelmed! — and sharing them on social media (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Learning what the heck SEO optimization means and slowly making use of what I’m learning.

I’m still far from an expert at book launching and self-publishing in general, and I’m slowly picking up useful bits of information from those who’ve done a better job of it.

Actually, I just downloaded a tool by Jesse Krieger — his Best-seller Blueprint: Your Step-By-Step Guide Creating & Launching a Best-Selling Book. It’s a free download you can get just by signing up for his email list. Worth a peek.

The sign-up form on the right-side of my blog — allowing people to sign up to receive an email whenever I publish a new post — is the extent of my “email list building” and I don’t even get to send anything else out to the generous souls who sign up.

So, these blog posts had better be good!

I do have the Thrive Leads plugin, though, for creating sign-up forms, and I have a brand new list created in MailChimp (the free version), so I’m running out of excuses. It’s just a matter of making some sign-up forms and inserting them into my posts — so people can sign up for free downloadable sneak peeks — or advanced reader copies (ARCs) — of upcoming novels or nonfiction books. So, that’s a hint of what’s coming. 

Until then, thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you’re interested in reading an ARC of The Lazarus Door, reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter or email me at

Have a great week!

***NOTE: None of the links in this post are affiliate links. I included them in case you’d like to check out the websites they lead to, but I get nothin’ if you click on them, which is fine. They’re there just to make it more convenient for you to check things out that might help you with your book-writing and blogging. I’m still fairly new at this, and I love it when bloggers include links so I don’t have to open a new tab to look something up. 


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Writing and designing book covers are two of Sarah Lentz's favorite things. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, their four kids, and two messy but adorable guinea pigs.

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