A new Udemy course and plans for 2018

January 3, 2018

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A new Udemy course for a new year

I took advantage of a New Year's sale for Udemy and a $5 credit they sent me by email to nab a brand new course I bookmarked and almost bought during the Black Friday sale. 

The full price (i.e. when Udemy isn't having one of its fantastic sales) is $200. I paid $5.99. 

What is this course, you ask? 

Writing with Flair 2.0: How to Become an Exceptional Writer with Shani Raja (Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor). 

So far, I have no trouble believing the instructor knows his material, and he presents it so well, I'm actually listening without trying to do other things (like check email or my Facebook feed). 

This, if you know me, is a big thing.

I know I've expressed regret about paying for certain courses that proved less helpful than I hoped. I've also (recently) had to back out of a course that probably would have helped, but that I couldn't afford. 

So, when I find something like this, I have to share.

Udemy's New Year's sale is still going (at the time of this writing) and won't end until the 12th of January. Even if you haven't received a $5 credit by email for being a Udemy member (which is free), this course is well worth the sale price of $10.99.

It's probably even worth the regular price ($200), but -- as you know by now -- that's just more than I can afford to invest in a course right now. Plus, I'm cheap. 

And if I can save big money on a course like this, it's only fair to let you know and make it as easy for you to save money on it -- or on another Udemy course that appeals to you. 

Shani Raja has another course on Udemy called Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery, which has 2,600 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars. 

I had a heck of a time deciding which one to sign up for, but I eventually decided on Writing with Flair 2.0 (the updated and expanded version of the original Writing with Flair course). 

I may nab Ninja Writing during another sale, though I don't know when the next one will come along. 

Four new books for 2018

  1. Writers in the Red: Keep your cool and your money. Indie publishing without the usual crap advice.
  2. Create Stunning Book Covers Using Canva (short, 99 cents)
  3. TBD (Possible title -- Aesthetic Craftsmanship: An Artist's Prayer Journal (with a tribute to Flannery O'Connor))
  4. TBD (Possible title -- True Life Coaching: Why it's not about sexual power, feeling comfortable in your own skin, or getting everything you want.

What's up next?

The last two book ideas may give way to others by the middle of the year. And I may very well grab another course the next time Udemy has a sale like this one. If I do, I'll be happy to share news of that one, too. 

There are so many other course categories besides writing, after all. I've been browsing in the "Home-Based Business" category and have even bookmarked a couple courses. 

What about you?

Have you taken any Udemy courses you'd recommend? 

Or are you seriously considering buying one during this sale? 

If so, please comment here or on Facebook. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to read something from you, too. 

By Sarah Lentz

Writing and designing book covers are two of Sarah Lentz's favorite things. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, their four kids, and two messy but adorable guinea pigs.


  1. Reply

    Sue Waterworth

    Hi Sarah,
    You’re absolutely right about Shani Raja’s Writing with Flair. I too bought it, and have already watched it twice. – riveted both times. I also got his Editing Mastery and Ninja writing. Editing is really exceptional, and for me, is the best thing I have ever read on writing – not only did I learn about editing, but it quickly strengthened my own writing.
    There still seems to be a sale on at Udemy, with the price now 14.99.

    I’ve only just found your blog, and look forward to reading some more.

    1. Reply

      Sarah Lentz

      Thank you, Sue!! I’ve noticed there are still some sales going on, and I’ve bought nine other courses since this blog post. I’ll review them in an upcoming post, but I’m enjoying Raja’s course, as well as others I’ve bought. Since a load of courses are still on sale, I think I’ll look for something on ghostwriting to see if I can find something that will help me improve my skills in that area. I’ve ghostwritten before, but I’m always looking for ways to improve not only my writing but the know-how, and professional details that surround it. Since I enjoy ghost-writing and would like to do more of it, I’d like to learn all I can about it. Raja’s course on Editing looks excellent, too, and it’s on my wish list, so I’ll likely pick it up once I’ve worked through Writing with Flair. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I’m a bigger fan of Udemy than I ever thought I’d be — thanks to the New Year’s sale and the quality of the courses I’ve bought so far. All the best to you, and have a great week! 🙂

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