How can I help?

*I offer the following services:

1. Writing guest posts/articles

I write mainly nonfiction books and articles, but I also enjoy writing fiction and have enjoyed participating in NaNoWriMo, so if you need a NaNo accountabilibuddy, let me know.

2. Book cover design assistance

As my author bio says, writing books and designing book covers are two of my favorite things. If you need help with your book cover design, but you’ve scanned the offerings on Fiverr and haven’t found anything that appeals to you, please feel free to contact me — by email, by social media (Facebook or Twitter), or by using the message box on the Contact page — and let me know what kind of help you’re looking for. 

  • Design ideas for your cover (based on genre, an image you like, etc.)
  • Honest review of your current book cover design
  • Links to free and low-cost resources to help you design a cover you and your readers will love

3. Beta-reading and critique

As I said on the “About” page, depending on your beta-reading needs, I can be bribed with Amazon gift cards to feed my insatiable hunger for digital brain food, but if you’d like to swap writing/editing or beta-reading services instead, let me know.

4. Copy-editing and proofreading

I’ve copy-edited novels and short stories, as well as college papers and even a couple Master’s capstone reports. I’ve enjoyed editing other people’s novels and nonfiction work, and I would love to help you with yours. My rate for content editing + line-editing + proofreading is a penny per word. If all you need is proofreading, I charge less.

If you need me to edit a 1,000-word sample of your work (free) and suggest an editing rate based on your book’s needs, I’m always willing to do that — and you’re welcome to make a counter-offer if the total cost is more than you can afford right now.

Depending on my writing and work schedule, I may not be able to edit your work within the time frame you’ve set for editing and proofreading. Let me know if you’re up against the wall with this, and I’ll see what I can do to help.

5. Formatting for e-book and paperback

I can also help you with formatting your book for Kindle and/or for paperback (CreateSpace or KDP’s paperback option) and creating a full book cover for your paperback.