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7 Easy Steps to Add Flourishes to Your Ebook Chapter Pages

Ever wanted to fancy up the chapter headings for the ebook version of your novel? Wondering if KDP will choke on anything you add to dress it up and make it look more like the professionally-published novels you’ve seen?  I did, too. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Those of us who format our own books can get pretty good at it — given time and a willingness to experiment. Just look at Derek Murphy (whose websites and YouTube videos...

3 Different Ways to Convert your Word doc to a Kindle ebook

HypothyroidWriter.com convert Word doc blog post Sarah Lentz

If your budget requires you to format your own books, rather than hiring a pro, there are three ways I know of to get your book from Word doc to finished, ready-to-upload ebook. I’ll be including links to other authors’ helpful videos and tools, since they’ve helped me. You’ll also get the chance to download a free and nifty little PDF describing in more detail (and with screenshots) the approach I used for my latest nonfiction book, Writer Overwhelmed!. I...