How Udemy can help you earn more as a writer

How Udemy can help you earn more as a writer_HypothyroidWriter.com_Sarah Lentz

Udemy SchoolSince picking up that one course I mentioned in a previous post -- Writing with Flair 2.0 with Shani Raja -- I've bought twelve more writing courses. And here they all are, in order of purchase:Writing with Flair 2.0 -- Shani RajaCopywriting White Papers: An All-levels Strategy -- Len SmithSEO Beginners: How I get 1,000 visitors a day with SEO -- Len SmithCopywriting: Become a freelance copywriter, your own boss -- Len Smith Copywriting Secrets: How to write copy that sells -- Len SmithHow...

What does it mean to rock the D.I.Y. approach to self-publishing?

In order to rock the D.I.Y. approach to self-publishing, indie authors need to know what the professionals know … about writing a book your target readers will want to buy and read  about editing your book about designing a book cover that will get your target readers clicking on it to learn more about writing a book description that gets people to buy your book about publishing and launching your book to get better and better results about short- and...