Find the perfect font for your creative project — and use it legally

*This post contains some affiliate links, which I only share for things I would buy myself or believe would be worth your time to consider. For more information, visit my Affiliate Disclosure page.  So, you found a font you love …  Can you use that font for your e-book, your blog, or your promotional graphics — or for all three? Does the font license allow for commercial or only personal use? Or does it say you can only use it...

Upgrade your book cover design with Glitterboo, Deeezy, and Creative Market

The Empathalog book cover on

Free and low-cost resources for the DIY Book Cover Designer DIY Book cover design can be a rewarding adventure for some, and a growing number of free and low-cost design tools can make it budget-friendly, too. Canva is my favorite design program — intuitively-designed and ADHD-friendly (from my experience, anyway). But it can’t do everything. Some of the book covers I’ve seen on Amazon take my breath away, and I’ve saved images of them to a folder on my desktop —...