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Gifts ideas to support & encourage your favorite freelancer

HypothyroidWriter.com gift ideas for freelancers blog post Sarah Lentz

What to get your freelancer friend?Here's the quick list: a freelance writing course (some options below) a VISA gift card to spend on the freelance writing or blogging course of their choice -- or on something needed for the home officea gift card to a coffee or tea shop your friend likesa gas card for those errand runsan Amazon gift card for books, office supplies, a new planner, etc.a gift subscription to Birch Box, Stitch Fix, Trendy Memo box, etc.a self-care...

Create an Inspiring and Budget-Friendly Home Office

HypothyroidWriter.com home office Sarah Lentz

Budget-Friendly Home Office BasicsWhat comes to mind for you when when you think, "home office"?First of all, it doesn't have to be a separate room. For many of us, the home office is a space in one of the main rooms of the house -- maybe the living room, maybe a little space off the dining area, maybe even a space in a large walk-in closet. Whatever works, right? Mine's in our living room. So, ... noise-canceling headphones are awfully nice to...