5 steps to creating a formatted interior template for your print journal, planner, or workbook blog graphic for journal interior post Sarah Lentz

D.I.Y. Journal / Planner / Workbook DesignHave you ever wanted to design a journal to suit your own particular journaling style -- or that of someone you love? How about a planner for your friend who'd like to combine the things he likes best about the bullet journal with his favorite features from another journal?Or how about a workbook to serve as a companion to the book you just wrote -- something to help your readers apply what you're teaching...

How to Choose the Best Professional Blogging Planner

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What planner will work best for you?Are you in need of a good blogging planner? Maybe you're looking for one, but you're not sure what features it needs to have to help you make the most of your blog? There are many options available (I looked for them on Amazon), and unless you know what you're looking for in a blogging planner, it can be overwhelming.First of all, what you need depends on where you are as a blogger and what...